Bombshell Dates - Scratch Off Dating Book (Coming Soon)

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Bombshell Dates

Intended to be the more extreme counterpart to 50 First Dates, Bombshell Dates is a sexy and thrilling dating experience meant to bring couples closer together, both physically and mentally.


What Makes It So Extreme?

There are 10 sections in this book, each with 5 different challenges that escalate in difficulty, going from easy to extreme. The fifth and final date in each section is a two part date with the highest difficulty, which we like to refer to as... the Bombshell Date. Additionally, Bombshell Dates contains a total of 50 completely unique dates, all while having no overlap with 50 First Dates or any competing products.


Is This Book Appropriate For All Ages?

The dates in this book have suggestive themes and artwork, as well as date suggestions that may only be appropriate for more mature audiences. However, we do provide alternative date ideas for couples who would still like to take on the challenges, despite not being age appropriate. For example, without giving any spoilers, we have a wine tasting date within the book, but if an underaged couple would like to still complete this date, we give the suggestion of doing a kombucha tasting instead. We give similar suggestions for any other date that involves sexually explicit content or alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, dates involving suggestive content are adequately labeled with "18+" and "21+" indicators so that you can be prepared ahead of time and use your own discretion. That being said, the vast majority of our dates do not need these modifications and can be done by any couple. 




Our Goal

We made these books in the hopes of providing loving couples with "outside of the box" ideas for their date nights! It's always a fun time to go out to your favorite restaurant or go see a movie, but what about the nights where you just want to do something new? That's where we come in!


Are These Dates Right For You?

Inside the book, you'll find guidance on how, when, and where your dates should take place, as well as the expected price of each date! Likewise, none of our dates are location specific, identity specific, or outrageously expensive. We intended for our dates to be accessible to as many people as possible, while also giving options for people to make them as cost effective or expensive as they wish too. 


Why Our Book?

There are other books like this on the market that you can buy right now. Ours is actually brand new! So why should you choose ours to bring home? Well for starters, we're the only scratch-off dating book that was made by a real couple. It's quite a shocker, but when we originally had this idea and then found out that there were competitors, one of the first things we noticed was that all the other books were made by single business men. The dates they wrote also felt like they were written by business men! We're obviously going to be biased, but we've not only gone on all of our own dates, but we've also gone on all of our competitors dates. We like our books the best, but for any couple that absolutely loves dating, there is an argument to be made that you should buy as many of these books as possible. We don't have a single overlapping date with any of our competitors, or across any of our own books. It's crazy to think that there are hundreds of unique dates out there, but there are! Give them all a shot and see what you think.


Our Quality Commitment

When we say we spent years crafting these dates, we really mean it. We have 100 total dates across both our books, all of which are unique, thoughtful, and of our own creation. If you are a customer of our books and you scratch off a date that they you do not think is original or up to our high quality standard, please reach out to us on social media and we will provide you 5 brand new dates, free of charge, and tailored to your personal interests. That's a guarantee! 

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