Our (Love) Story

Early in our relationship, we made the realization that we both take gift-giving very seriously. We'd spend hours making handmade gifts, researching unique experiences, discovering hidden gem restaurants, and scouring the web to find rare, eclectic gifts for each other. What we realized through these efforts is finding fun gifts is way harder than it should be. With this realization - Cupid's Arrow was born!

Our Mission

We want to be the #1 place on the internet to find a special gift for your special someone. We plan to do that by partnering with small businesses and independent sellers who offer products that can't be found anywhere else.

Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are always fighting an uphill battle, especially in todays market where big companies own all the digital ad space, mass produce everything with cheap labor, and steal ideas from independent creators who have no legal support. We ONLY allow small businesses on this marketplace and will do everything we can to give them more exposure to new audiences.

Handpick Unique Products

Our collection is ever evolving based on available supply from our sellers, new products that we discover from local trade shows, and creators who submit their products to us. Keeping our collection curated and unique is of the utmost importance.

Reinvigorate Gift-Giving

Studies show that gift-giving over the last two decades has become more and more materialistic. So much so that many people say they'd prefer cash or a gift card instead of a gift. As passionate gift-givers, this is disheartening to hear. We intend to make gift-giving fun again for as many people as possible.