50 First Dates - Scratch Off Dating Book

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50 Unique Dates!

50 First Dates is the perfect way to keep your honeymoon phase alive forever. Really! Our intention with these dates is for both of you to truly feel like you're dating your partner for the first time again. This book gives you the opportunity to experience activities you've never thought to do before, all while learning and growing beside your partner.

Our Goal

We made these books in the hopes of providing loving couples with "outside of the box" ideas for their date nights! It's always a fun time to go out to your favorite restaurant or go see a movie, but what about the nights where you just want to do something new? That's where we come in!

Are These Dates Right For You?

Inside the book, you'll find guidance on how, when, and where your dates should take place, as well as the expected price of each date! Likewise, none of our dates are location specific, identity specific, or income exclusive. We intended for our dates to be accessible to as many people as possible, while also giving options for people to make their dates as cost effective and specific to themselves as they wish to.

Our Story

As the creators of these books, as well as romantic partners, we wanted to create a long lasting experience that could bring couples closer together the same way it did for us. Below is the story of why we started documenting our dates and how they became these two books!

There was a time in our lives when Amanda was in Law School and Julian was working full time, so we had to get creative with our limited time together. As a Valentine's Day gift one year, Julian bought a blank journal and immediately started filling it with dates. These dates were then covered by Post-It notes and complemented with a title and poorly drawn doodles to give Amanda some vague hints as to what she should expect. That journal only had about 15 dates in it by the time Valentine's Day came around, but it became a beloved gift and we both knew that it was something we wanted to keep adding too.

This blank journal ended up turning into the gift that kept on giving as we ran through the original 15 dates and then began thinking of new dates to fill it in with together. Now, the rest is history.

Our Quality Commitment

When we say we spent years crafting these dates, we really mean it. We have 100 total dates across both our books, all of which are unique, thoughtful, and of our own creation. If you are a customer of our books and you scratch off a date that they you do not think is original or up to our high quality standard, please reach out to us on social media and we will provide you 5 brand new dates, free of charge, and tailored to your personal interests. That's a guarantee!

Return Policy

Due to the nature of our product, once a date has been scratched off, we cannot accept a return. We are a small business with only four employees currently, including the two creators, and we do not have the ability to repair books that have been scratched off. In the future, we hope to find a solution to this problem by repairing and repurposing used books, but currently, it could put us out of business. For anyone unhappy with the quality of their book, we would refer you back up to our Quality Commitment. You can always reach out to us on social media where you will receive a personal response from Julian or Amanda. We're always happy to provide more dates to anyone interested, even if you didn't have a problem with the book!


A Couple Scratches Away LLC is delighted to suggest new ways for you and your partner to fall in love for the first time again, but we also want you to do so safely. Depending on your approach to the activities suggested in this book, there may be a need for caution. Participants in the activities suggested in this book hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth at the time of purchase. A Couple Scratches Away LLC, its owners, and all associates assume NO liability for your actions as a result of the suggestions in this book.

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